Thursday, July 15, 2010

Footrpints in the Sand | OurPrayer.Org

Footrpints in the Sand | OurPrayer.Org

Many people love this poem but don't know how it originated. Here is the true story of Footprints in the Sand

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Our Bamboo News from Lewis Bamboo

Our Bamboo News from Lewis Bamboo

Want bamboo at your place? Then try them on for size. Highly recommended and lot' s of bamboo pics.

Radical Homemakers Book

I came upon this book quite by accident while doing another search on and was quite taken with the title. At first I thought, "Oh, no, another feminist type book! I was wrong.

If you are tired of the way we women have been pushed into the workplace because of the feminist movement of the 70's and you would like to step back in time and become a homemaker, but a homemaker of the new millennium, then this book is for you and even for your mate!

I'm not going to give anything away, just buy it and read it. I doubt you will be sorry and I think you will once again be able to breathe, your children will be calmer and happier and of course your partner in marriage will be happier to have a real home, not just a place where you all meet after five o'clock every evening for a few hours before you go to sleep just to start the grind all over again.

I give this book: ***** stars!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Farmers of Forty Centuries

This is a book that I just recently read and want to recommend to my followers here. It is a wonderful and enlightening book written around a hundred years ago by one of the USDA researchers who went on an extended information gathering trip through China, Korea, and Japan to study their agricultural practices. I couldn't put it down and I know you won't be able to either.

Some of the book can be quite dry since it was after all a report for the USDA on how we could utilize the successes of the Asian countries. Of course it was a wasted trip since it was never incorporated here as it is very labor intensive. Such a shame! You as an individual eco-farmer/gardener can and should consider some of their ideas into your plans. I am.

I give this book ***** stars!

A Happy Meal still looks ‘fresh’ on its first birthday | Grist

A Happy Meal still looks ‘fresh’ on its first birthday | Grist

If this doesn't make you give up McDonalds then nothing would! Disgusting!!!

Monday, March 08, 2010

Vermicomposting vs Bokashi

Vermicomposting vs Bokashi
This site has all the forms of composting you could ever want to learn about.
I could stay on it for hours! Check out Bokashi; I think you will find it very'
interesting; I did!

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Gmail - Your Victory on the McCain Bill

Gmail - Your Victory on the McCain Bill

We have knocked the "powers that be" down for the time being, but we still must stay vigilante and make sure that they don't try and enact a new bill to take away our right to the alternative health supplements we are now able to purchase.

Keep up the fight by writing your congressmen/women and senators and letting them know that you do not want your right to dietary supplements taken away.


Every day it seems when I am looking up information on how to do something, hoping to find a written tutorial, instead I find a video. Since I am on a slow dial-up and have no other options. I usually cannot find the help I need no matter how many times I click on "next" when I Google.

I live out in the country but on a state highway. You would think that I would have some options concerning my internet, but alas, I don't.

There is no cable or DSL out here. Satellite will not work as I live in the middle of a forest of giant bamboo and hardwood trees and the cost is prohibitive for what you get The other options such as WI-FI are not available to me either.

Alabama is terribly behind in their desire to get everyone fast access internet. They will spend millions on roads and gambling such as Indian casino's and dog tracks, but when it comes to advancing technology they fail miserably.

Our electric and phone lines are a joke. Any repairman who comes out for a problem will tell you that they should have been replaced thirty years ago. Instead, they put a band-aid on the problem and soon you are calling them back again for the same issue.

It takes me about a half hour or longer to pay a bill online now. Often times, I can't even do it and will have to call in my payment which can be expensive with some companies who charge for this service. I now have to start attempting to pay my bills online a week ahead of it's due date. RIDICULOUS!!!

Alabama is one of the few states that is still prospering business-wise. New shopping centers are going up every day of the week.Low paying jobs of course, but jobs all the same. There is no excuse for this backward attitude when it comes to communication. It makes it much less desirable for those wanting to move to our state.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Is it spring yet?

This is probably the longest and lousiest winter that I can remember in quite some time. I can't wait for the warm up this weekend so that we can get out and get some things done around the homestead.

First on our agenda is getting fencing put up around part of our property for the furbabies. Our three rescue dogs need a safe place to run and play and do their business without constant supervision. We are just getting on in years and not as viable as we used to be for the long walks dogs need and love. This way we will just be able to open the door and out they can go!

We bought the materials last week at Lowes but now we need to go back this Sunday and get a few more things we realized we will need in order to make the fencing more secure. Db loves to plan our elaborate projects and I must admit that when he does a project it lasts! Do it right the first time is his attitude.

We have a fence guy who will do part of the fencing in black chain link fence out front so that it will look a bit more attractive and will also have a gate by the front walkway. I was shocked at how much this small bit will cost, but I guess everything has gone up.

As far as planting goes I have most of the vege seeds planted in my eggshell pots and the rests will go into the raised beds and around tepees made from the bamboo in our groves that has been drying in the shop for about eighteen months. I will grow my cucumbers, gourds, and tomatoes around these.

Note to self: Buy more waxed twine.

The Population Explosion Must Stop NOW!!!

I am a Permaculture activest and I try and practice what I preach.

Permaculture involves many ideologies such as growing permanent food blocks consisting of

perennial vegetables and fruits. It just makes sense; but there is one thing that people tend to shy

away from in the Permaculture movement and that is the issue of population control.

In order for us to have any kind of sustainable future for all mankind, we have to control our own

reproduction, which can be like rabbits. We cannot have enough food, water, or housing for a

population that continues to explode either because of religious beliefs, lack of permanent birth

control, or sheer ignorance.

I am a Christian, but I do not believe that our Lord expects us to destroy our world here by over-

populating it. He gave us a mind to think and for those who have "gone over" and come back by the

miracle of medicine, one of the things they were told was, "Acquire knowledge". When they would

ask, "What kind of knowledge?" the repley was, "All knowledge". Now, does that sound like a God

that wants us to ignore the facts and continue to over-populate our planet? I think not.

All I am asking is, THINK before you procreate.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Welcome to the Alliance for Natural Health - USA

Welcome to the Alliance for Natural Health - USA

If you care anything about being able to buy nutritional supplements
It will do you well to contact your representatives and stop Senator McCaines
Bill which will terribly damage this RIGHT. All you have to do is fill out the form and send it
To your state representative to show your support for free access to nutritional supplements.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Make Your Own ORMUS - Simple ORMUS-Making Recipe

Make Your Own ORMUS - Simple ORMUS-Making Recipe

This has some very interesting attributes and I am in the process of studying it in detail.

Monday, February 01, 2010


I am a fan of "good" magazines that give you a lot of helpful info and I just found this one yesterday, called: URBAN FARM Sustainable City Living.

You might wonder why I would be interested in a magazine for urban farming since I live out in the country on ten acres. The reason is simple...I like to make use of every tiny space I have here and this is the kind of magazine you need for this type of goal.

We have quite a few outbuildings on the two acres that we use for our own personal/business use and that takes up room. I have to find unique ways to garden amongst the different buildings, bamboo groves, and islands of exotic plants everywhere.

One of my favorite ways to find and use sunny spots is by using containers of every size and shape. I was mightily disappointed this winter when a few of my glass vases I had outside for growing lotus and duckweed broke in a million pieces from the freakish, ten day cold snap we experienced in January. I had them for many years so this was quite a shock.

Anyway, back to the magazine. There are great articles on square foot gardening, composting solutions, keeping a small flock of chickens and much more. I hope that you will check out a copy for yourself. I have not been able to put mine down since purchasing it yesterday while Db and I were shopping for some home improvement materials at Lowes.

Since the mag is put out by the same folks who publish Hobby Farms magazine, you should be able to find it where this is sold. If not, you can subscribe to it online at the link I have provided.

Have a great week!


The hottest new band to hit the airwaves in decades!!!! Unique, new, sound will blow you away. Out of Alabama.