Friday, September 29, 2006

Fall In The Deep South

Now that the weather has cooled down to the 80's it is once again pleasant to work outside. I have been moving some of the Agave americana into the greenhouse and also started a compost bin in there to help with the heat needs at night. Sure can't afford to heat it anymore!

The leaves are still on the trees here. It is always a hit or miss as to whether we will have a pretty fall or they will just turn brown and fall off. Too far south.

Chad-E's friends came over on Monday to do some fishing in the pond and caught enough catfish for a nice meal. I love to watch these young men sit on the dock, patiently waiting for a "bite" and then to reel the monsters in. Sometimes if it's an extra large "cat" or bass it will actually take their poles right out of their hands and they are seldom seen again!

The Great Blue Heron is back. He stayed at the pond all day yesterday and I watched him out the kitchen window from time to time. He and the King Fisher apparently have a few ponds they visit. When the Heron is here I can always tell as the African Gray Geese will swim in strange patterns in the center of the pond over and over again. They share the pond with the wild birds, grudgingly, I think.

I am hoping to buy some flats of Pansies this weekend for the winter garden. Just doesn't seem right not to have their smiling faces all over the place along with the emerald green annual rye grass we sow by the hundreds of pounds each late fall. It makes for a beautiful and quick winter. I make sure I have pots of pansies visible through every window in our home.

The picture is looking through a grove of my bamboo towards Db's latest "yard art". An authentic WW2 bomb carrier with a "faux" bomb loaded. (made from an old, non-working compressor he had laying around) I will be doing a blog on that with more pictures, soon.

That's it for this go-round...later gator!