Friday, December 28, 2007

END OF 2007

THIS YEAR SHALL NOT BE MISSED! It has been nothing but drought and misery for plants and animals alike...and I include we humans in the "animal" sense. Southern and western states fighting over water rights, farmers going bankrupt as they attempt to make it big with "bio-fuel" and instead watch as everything burned up in the fields. GREED! It will be your un-doing every time!!!

Every year brings new hope and this coming new year is no different. I am making plans for more raised beds for fruits and veges as well as planting the two big Trachy Palms that my hubby gave me for Christmas. Right now they are sitting in their pots outside, patiently waiting for their holes to be dug. I'm still debating as to where to plant them. Our place is laid out so strangely due to the necessity for a raised septic system and our overly long (90') manufactured home and then a 125'X50' retention/fish pond fifteen feet on the other side of the home, that I am in constant turmoil as to where to plant things. As the bamboo groves continue to expand and spread hither and yon, it will all soon be a "moot" point, anyway.

Db's shop has the foundation finished, but that is all for right now. I hope we can complete it before summer. I want to get the landscaping completed around the building before the heat sets in and I will have no energy or will to do it.
I won some succulent and cactus cuttings off of EBay the other day and really lucked up! Thirty cuttings (two of each species) which arrived last night when hubby brought in the mail. Since I had no mix to plant them in other than my tropical mix, I just wet some Sphagnum moss and stuck the cuttings in there until I can get some, hopefully this weekend. I'm really getting a passion for these now and have found myself becoming a collector....just what I need...another plant collection!!!!
Well, enough for this go-round. I hope you enjoy the picture of the Tree Dahlia bloom. Later gator!