Saturday, April 18, 2009


If I didn't know better I would swear it's early March. The weather is exactly like it would be in March and many of the plants are acting just like it is March.

My bamboo, which should have started shooting by the first of April has been sitting in limbo with a few culms here and there but nothing like it should be. I am certain it has to be because of the cooler than normal nights. One good least the Moso was not shot down this year by shooting too early nor a late frost. it did get down to 30 one night when the culms were around eight feet tall but apparently it was protected enough by the pond directly opposite and our home and back porch. It is now around 30' tall with nice, fat, culms.

I've been trying to get some veges going but the weather has been causing me to falter. I did get potatoes planted in the big tires and I planted the fruit tree cuttings from the USDA program at Cal tech. They are all doing well and growing like gangbusters.

Since I am implementing permaculture and biodynamic agriculture to my organic homestead I am spending the nights reading and my days planning and constructing this or that. At 60 and not in the best of health, it can be quite tiring by weeks end. Perserverance pays off though, and the sense of personal satisfaction can't be measured.

Rain coming in the next couple of days. The drought is definitely over and the wetland woods is filled with the black ponds that remind some of the old horror movie, "The Creature From The Black Lagoon"....I love to go for walks on the many paths that Db has cut into the eight acres of woods and see the reflections of the trees and an occassional glimpse of blue sky/clouds over-head. I think it is quite magical. How easily I can imagine little fairies living in these woods and enjoying all of it's wonders. One of my favorite hobbies when I have the time is to build "fairy houses".

Well, there is much I need to do today and I best get to it. God bless you all who keep up with this journal of my life here at The Bamboo Jungle N Gardens. Later gator!