Monday, February 01, 2010


I am a fan of "good" magazines that give you a lot of helpful info and I just found this one yesterday, called: URBAN FARM Sustainable City Living.

You might wonder why I would be interested in a magazine for urban farming since I live out in the country on ten acres. The reason is simple...I like to make use of every tiny space I have here and this is the kind of magazine you need for this type of goal.

We have quite a few outbuildings on the two acres that we use for our own personal/business use and that takes up room. I have to find unique ways to garden amongst the different buildings, bamboo groves, and islands of exotic plants everywhere.

One of my favorite ways to find and use sunny spots is by using containers of every size and shape. I was mightily disappointed this winter when a few of my glass vases I had outside for growing lotus and duckweed broke in a million pieces from the freakish, ten day cold snap we experienced in January. I had them for many years so this was quite a shock.

Anyway, back to the magazine. There are great articles on square foot gardening, composting solutions, keeping a small flock of chickens and much more. I hope that you will check out a copy for yourself. I have not been able to put mine down since purchasing it yesterday while Db and I were shopping for some home improvement materials at Lowes.

Since the mag is put out by the same folks who publish Hobby Farms magazine, you should be able to find it where this is sold. If not, you can subscribe to it online at the link I have provided.

Have a great week!

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