Sunday, March 07, 2010


Every day it seems when I am looking up information on how to do something, hoping to find a written tutorial, instead I find a video. Since I am on a slow dial-up and have no other options. I usually cannot find the help I need no matter how many times I click on "next" when I Google.

I live out in the country but on a state highway. You would think that I would have some options concerning my internet, but alas, I don't.

There is no cable or DSL out here. Satellite will not work as I live in the middle of a forest of giant bamboo and hardwood trees and the cost is prohibitive for what you get The other options such as WI-FI are not available to me either.

Alabama is terribly behind in their desire to get everyone fast access internet. They will spend millions on roads and gambling such as Indian casino's and dog tracks, but when it comes to advancing technology they fail miserably.

Our electric and phone lines are a joke. Any repairman who comes out for a problem will tell you that they should have been replaced thirty years ago. Instead, they put a band-aid on the problem and soon you are calling them back again for the same issue.

It takes me about a half hour or longer to pay a bill online now. Often times, I can't even do it and will have to call in my payment which can be expensive with some companies who charge for this service. I now have to start attempting to pay my bills online a week ahead of it's due date. RIDICULOUS!!!

Alabama is one of the few states that is still prospering business-wise. New shopping centers are going up every day of the week.Low paying jobs of course, but jobs all the same. There is no excuse for this backward attitude when it comes to communication. It makes it much less desirable for those wanting to move to our state.

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