Thursday, March 04, 2010

Is it spring yet?

This is probably the longest and lousiest winter that I can remember in quite some time. I can't wait for the warm up this weekend so that we can get out and get some things done around the homestead.

First on our agenda is getting fencing put up around part of our property for the furbabies. Our three rescue dogs need a safe place to run and play and do their business without constant supervision. We are just getting on in years and not as viable as we used to be for the long walks dogs need and love. This way we will just be able to open the door and out they can go!

We bought the materials last week at Lowes but now we need to go back this Sunday and get a few more things we realized we will need in order to make the fencing more secure. Db loves to plan our elaborate projects and I must admit that when he does a project it lasts! Do it right the first time is his attitude.

We have a fence guy who will do part of the fencing in black chain link fence out front so that it will look a bit more attractive and will also have a gate by the front walkway. I was shocked at how much this small bit will cost, but I guess everything has gone up.

As far as planting goes I have most of the vege seeds planted in my eggshell pots and the rests will go into the raised beds and around tepees made from the bamboo in our groves that has been drying in the shop for about eighteen months. I will grow my cucumbers, gourds, and tomatoes around these.

Note to self: Buy more waxed twine.

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