Thursday, March 04, 2010

The Population Explosion Must Stop NOW!!!

I am a Permaculture activest and I try and practice what I preach.

Permaculture involves many ideologies such as growing permanent food blocks consisting of

perennial vegetables and fruits. It just makes sense; but there is one thing that people tend to shy

away from in the Permaculture movement and that is the issue of population control.

In order for us to have any kind of sustainable future for all mankind, we have to control our own

reproduction, which can be like rabbits. We cannot have enough food, water, or housing for a

population that continues to explode either because of religious beliefs, lack of permanent birth

control, or sheer ignorance.

I am a Christian, but I do not believe that our Lord expects us to destroy our world here by over-

populating it. He gave us a mind to think and for those who have "gone over" and come back by the

miracle of medicine, one of the things they were told was, "Acquire knowledge". When they would

ask, "What kind of knowledge?" the repley was, "All knowledge". Now, does that sound like a God

that wants us to ignore the facts and continue to over-populate our planet? I think not.

All I am asking is, THINK before you procreate.

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