Sunday, March 12, 2006

What a glorious Sunday here in the deep south! 89F. was kind of hot to be working in today, but my hubby and I wanted to get some things done around here so we got an early start.

While Db was beating down the wild blackberries that were taking over the bamboo grove of five different species of Phyllostachys out front, I was planting Moonflowers on either side of the wrought iron trellis that a friend made for us some years ago. There is much already growing there like wild Morning Glories and Japanese Honeysuckle that takes over everything. I don't care. I love almost every plant God gave us. That is until you hear me cussing after a run in with the Devils Claw vine or Devils Walking Stick trees that abound on our wetlands.

After I planted the Moonflower seeds I brought up all the garden troughs I made many years ago and placed them on the huge, steel, truck bumper Db brought home to use for displaying them. I dumped out all the old soil and will be planting them with cactus and succulents as a nice change from my wild, tropical jungle.

Storms expected tomorrow, but I hope to have enough time to get the back porch cleaned up. I made a lot of pocket planters out of large tin cans that I painted after Db crunched the bottoms for me very neatly down at his shop. I will be nailing them all over this place and filling with Impatiens and any kind of vine that happens to catch my fancy at the moment...that and whichever one I seem to have in abundance.

It's late so I will say; later gator!


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