Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A Breezy March Day

March is a strange time of year no matter where you live. The weather is always up and down and just when you think winter has waved it's last goodbye, it comes into focus again and backtracks.

I was in hopes I could move my house plants out to the back porch this past weekend, but after this last cold front, I see I will have to wait a few more days. Maybe this up-coming weekend...who knows.

I spent part of yesterday planting flats of seeds for the nursery sales, but wish now that I had gotten an earlier start. It is really difficult after these rising electrical costs have hit. I can't heat the greenhouse as we can barely afford the cost of heating our home! Something needs to give before we all go broke!

At only mid 60's today and very breezy, I am not much in the mood to plant. We received a torrential rain in the middle of the night and our wetlands are just soaked. I had to go out early and un-plug the over-flow pipe on the pond so that the excess water could drain off into the woods. There are so many ponds in the woods now that it looks like a swamp in some horror movie. The frogs seem happy, though. They sing all night and into the morning.

I need to get some paint for my latest tire planters. I'm going with Caribbean colors. Will include some pics when I finish up.

later gator....

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