Thursday, March 30, 2006


Is there anything worse than a computer going down when you are a blogger? Well, that is what happened to me the past few weeks. Glad to be back among the "nerds" once again. Only one comment on this subject...MSN and DELL techs don't have a clue!

Yesterday was the first day outside in the fresh spring air for the newest additions to our family; twenty baby chicks about a month old. Mostly Polish and Houdans with half of unknown lineage at this time. They were extras the hatchery sent to help keep the others warm on their journey over from Texas.

They must have had a rough time of it with the postal workers as half the rare breeds died with-in two days of arriving, much to my great sadness. After seeing that they must have been over-stressed I started adding Colloidal Silver and the Bach Flower Rescue Remedy to their drinking water and lost no more. I will continue this practice to keep them healthy and stress free here on the homestead.

I will attempt to take some pics and send post them if I remember to buy a new battery charger for my camera...Either that or a docking station caught on sale. I used to take many, many, pictures here at The Bamboo Jungle so will include some of those for now.

What is blooming here? Willows, Iris, many wildflowers. Caladiums are popping up out of their recently watered pots. (I over-winter in their pots in a frost free place keeping quite dry) The Bluetes have been blooming for ages all over the grounds and I consider them a sure sign of spring.

The Dogwoods are in bloom as are many flowering trees, but things here start blooming in January so it's hard to keep up. This years start was actually a slow one compared to a normal year.

I am so hoping that we don't get any hurricanes this year. Last year we had to do clean-up from three and it will take years before it looks back to normal again. We had to cut down three willow trees but they are coming back with ease. Now they look like fountains which we can't complain is un-attractive. They are even pulling themselves back into the ponds edge from where they were pushed over from the relentless winds. Db, my dh gave them a helping hand by nailing two by fours onto their trunks and into the ground. They now are floating in the air and will have to be re-adjusted. We have decided to keep them supported by these two by fours and just let flowering vines climb up and around the wood to hide it.

Well, it is 6:47 AM and I need to get out and take care of all the fowl we have here. I can hear the African Grey Geese honking outside this window wanting their cracked corn treat. Later gator!

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