Saturday, March 04, 2006

How Did You Get That Nic-Name?

People often ask me how I got the nic-name, "Bamboochik". I have had it for so long that sometimes it's hard for me to even remember. Let me start at the beginning then.

I fist fell in love with bamboo on a trip to south central Florida back in the 70's. My fist husband and I had taken our children to Disney World and were just driving around looking for other sites we might come across on the back roads. All of a sudden, out of the clear blue sky we came up on a smallish billboard advertising REPTILE WORLD....hmmmmmm, now where is this place we wondered. All we could see was a small concrete block home in the middle of nowhere off this two lane highway we were on. This must be the place, we both agreed.

Taking kids in hands we walked up to the front door and were greeted by a person who took our money and told us to go through the kitchen and out the back door....Well, we did and all I can say is I was totally awe-struck! We had walked into a veritable jungle of tropical plants and birds with narrow winding paths going every which way.

It seems to me that I remember some "exotica" type music in the background, but can't be sure since this was so very long ago. All I can really remember is the wonderful bamboo, palms, and other exotic plants on either side of us as we leisurely walked through this man-made jungle. There were small ponds filled with alligators, a snake and reptile house, and I seem to recall a tropical bird show with Toucans, Parrots, and Macaws. I know that it was situated on five acres but I don't think it actually took up more than a couple acres at the time. Very hard to say since the winding paths and thick foliage gave the impression of "never ending".

I believe this is the place of which I speak. It may have changed in all these years but I hope not.

After I came back from my vacation to south central Florida and all of it's tropical beauty that abounds, I was completely smitten with the "Tropical Look" and decided I would make my own place as beautiful as the places I had seen. My first plant purchase was bamboo and I have been surrounded by it ever since along with cold hardy palms, Alocasia, Colocasia, Gingers, and many, many more plants. One of our friends gave me the nic-name, "Bamboochik", and I named my plant nursery and our homestead, The Bamboo Jungle N Gardens or for short, The Bamboo Jungle.

I will be writing some articles on the great things bamboo can do for home owners who are interested in protection from natural disasters such as strong winds, floods and mudslides as well as earthquakes. It is truly an amazing plant!

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Nelumbo said...

I've seen bamboo used as a border along roadsides- does it block noise as well?