Saturday, February 09, 2013


As I have said before, I adore Pansies! To me they are the bright spot in winter that will always make me smile.

Today I have been taking cuttings of my Pansies that have been growing since fall.  I can grow them on till May before I remove their leggy selves and replace with my other favorite flower, Impatiens. Here is how I do it:

1- Cut a leggy pansy down low above a leaf joint and remove all the flowers and leaves except a few leaves at the very top.

2- Dip in rooting hormone. ( I prefer the gel type)

3- Plant in some good potting soil or a seed starting mix that has been pre-moistened up to the top of the stem and water in well.

4- Find some thin branches and put four of them in the pot so that you can put a gallon baggy over the pot without the plastic bag touching the leaves.

5- Place in a cool, bright part of your home or greenhouse and wait for them to root. New top growth will let you know that this has happened.

6- Place outside to grow on or transplant to whatever other container you wish to use. Fertilize with an organic fertilizer as per directions and enjoy for however long your pansy season is.

I hope this helps someone who wishes to expand their pansies without spending anymore money. If there is one thing I always am, it's frugal! Have a great weekend!

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Robynn Bryar said...

Can I do this in the spring? It is May in Vermont still cold 4o-70 degrees in a 24 hour period.

I just bought a package of 4 pack of purple pansies.And wondering if I can turn that into more pansies to plant?