Monday, February 18, 2013

Fruit Tree Planting Day

I spent the morning planting some fruit trees that I have had heeled in by the compost bins. It was such a beautiful day that I knew I better get a move on with them, especially since I have more coming!

I found an old nursery pot behind one of the sheds and sterilized it for the newest baby. The nursery I  started buying from in TX gives you a free tree with every order so since it is a little whip, I give them a good start in a nursery pot with great compost/potting soil mixture that I make up myself. They take off like a rocket and that winter can be planted in the orchard. This one is a "Wild Pear" which I must do some research on. I think it will need a mate for pollination as most pears do. The prices are great at this nursery and their plants are especially for we in the deep south, unlike many nursery trees, so you can be assured that they will grow. 

I hope everyone had a great Presidents Day and Valentines Day. I know I did! Later gator!

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