Friday, October 12, 2012


There really is nothing more frustrating that beginning dinner and discovering that you are out of onions! UGH! Onion powder or onion salt just doesn't always cut it when it comes to the flavor you want for certain dishes.

I live quite far from any supermarket and certain times of year I have no onions growing. I have no good place to store them here in the deep south where it stays warm much of the year so I had to think of a way to have some on hand when I needed them no matter what.

That is when I came upon the idea to sprout my own onion tops from the root end that I was always throwing into the compost bucket. 

It is so easy to do that you are going to be asking yourself, "now why didn't I think of that?"

I save a few of my tin cans for starting seeds and cuttings and this is what I use although you could use a pretty pot if you want. Just fill with a good, loose, potting soil, water well and then place a root end of any onion on top of the soil and press down. Allow the slice to dry out for a day or two before doing this.
In about a week or less you see some green shoots pushing their way out of the center of the slice of onion. You can use these as you would any scallions or chives in your recipes. Have fun with it!

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