Tuesday, October 09, 2012


I have so many plants to put up this time of year that it takes me a week of hard work. Between cleaning off the back porch and bringing the most tender inside,not to mention cleaning off two glass tables, chairs, sweeping (you get the idea)

I have finished half the porch but this is what I have left to do! UGH!
At least this part makes me smile. ;-)

Every year we put 6mil. plastic all around the back porch to use as a passive solar collector and to save on our electric bills since we heat with electric. Ever since we started doing this our electric bills dropped by half in the winter and we couldn't be happier. It is not a lot of work for Db and I to do without any help and we have a lot of fun as we do it since Db is a jokester and always will be. 

This is some of the cuttings I take every year. They are left on the back porch but I cover them with bubble wrap so that they are sort of in a greenhouse within a greenhouse. I've never lost a plant or cutting yet doing this.  Beware though, I am in zone 8 in southern AL and we don't have horrific winters here. Also, this porch faces southeast and is right next to a pond which also helps with moderating the temps. On top of that we are in a grove of giant bamboo (Moso) which cuts any wind, which we seldom get anyway since we sit in a valley.

This is a balcony that we built off of the middle of the back porch for barbecuing. It looks out over the pond, and a dock with a gazebo on the dock. Db and I have done everything ourselves to this place with the help of our son, Chad.

Well, break time is over so I better get back to work! Have a great day!

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