Tuesday, September 18, 2012


This is the time of year when I make up any herbal tinctures I am running low on. I just finished one for my husband who leans towards skin ulcers on his ankle and now it is my Yellow Root (  xanthorhiza simplicissima ) that keeps my once outrageous cholesterol levels normal.

Yellow Root grows wild in the southeast around streams and rivers and any place that is damp, like my wetland acres. It has been used for multiple physical problems over history, but for me it is it's ability to lower my cholesterol level to a normal reading. After a huge amount of Lipitor almost killed me, my husband started telling his friends/customers the story and one long time customer had a grandmother who swore by Yellow Root for anything having to do with the heart. She was in her 90's then. He ended up bringing Db a huge bag of yellow root and I made up a quart of tincture and planted some in pots to experiment with it.

Here is how I made the tincture:

1 quart glass canning jar
Inexpensive Vodka
Yellow Root (I used the whole plant)

Fill the jar with the Yellow Root and fill to the top with the Vodka.
Shake twice a day for six to eight weeks and keep in a dark, cool, spot.
Strain through a strainer and then a coffee filter into another jar.
Remove enough for a medicine bottle with a dropper

Dosage: 4 drops of tincture once a day.

After taking this for 3 months and again having my usual test, my cholesterol was back to normal. I did not change my eating habits or anything else other than adding the Yellow Root to my supplement regime.

My doctor was so surprised he made notes in my chart about my experiment and said, "Well, don't stop then."

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