Thursday, September 13, 2012

Come on in for a cuppa!

I took this pic yesterday morning while taking an early walk about. After downloading the pic I thought what a lovely scene this makes. When I placed it on my facebook page everyone said it felt welcoming and I had named it the above title. "Come on in for a cuppa".

In another six weeks it will be time to change all of the summer flowers for the winter blooms of pansies. There are a few others I could include, but it is an on-going experiment to see which ones are the toughest. Pansies are definitely tough!

Our home is surrounded by bamboo, giant hardwoods, pines and tall shrubs so it is well protected from the elements. This area is particularly protected as it faces south, even though very shaded by a grove of bamboo and Oaks that you can't see from this angle.

I water everything by hand twice a day in the summer and use my "Magic Elixir" once a week. This is a completely organic fertilizer I make up myself. It keeps everything beautiful throughout the long spring, summer, fall season here in southern Alabama.

Thank you for visiting today and God bless! 

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