Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I am a nutritionist/horticulturist so my passions in life center around food and plants. One that I am seriously getting into at this time is the making of my own Kefir. What, you may well ask is 'Kefir'? Well, it is many things to many people, but basically it is a fermented milk drink with wonderful health giving properties. About five different friendly bacteria and two friendly yeasts live and thrive in Kefir. It is not difficult to learn how to make your own Kefir but first you must obtain what is called, "Kefir Grains" from a friend or commercial source.

When you receive your Kefir Grains they will come either dehydrated or in about a cup of whole milk. In order to re-hydrate the dried type you will need to put the grains into a cup of milk after rinsing them of any dry milk powder that may still be on them from shipping. Let sit for 12-24 hours at room temperature and another 12-24 hours in the refrigerator. Strain the Kefir Grains and then add these to another cup of milk (1 t. Grains to one cup milk each time) You can store the excess grains in a qt. of milk in the fridge or give away to friends or family.

If your Kefir Grains arrived in a cup of milk, strain and rinse the grains, place in a cup of whole milk and continue as described above.

Always use a glass jar and a coffee filter held in place with a rubber band. The Kefir will produce a gas than can cause a sealed glass jar to explode. Only very experience Kefir makers can use the lid process and is not suggested for those just learning.

Eventually, you will have enough grains to make 1/4 cup Kefir Grains to one quart of milk. With any and all of the Kefir you have made, you can make delicious smoothies or other recipes. You will be helping to keep your digestive tract healthy and your whole body in a state of good health. There are many forums and websites where you can discuss Kefir and get some wonderful recipes. Do yourself a favor and consider this ancient healing drink for you and your whole family.

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