Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Another Rainy Day

It's been raining for days now with no hint of the sun. The skies are all overcast and fog rose from the farm pond this morning like something out of a horror film. It's warm and misty. Good for the complexion but hard to walk when the grass is so slippery and the ground so soft.

I ordered ten top hat chicks and two penguin ducks yesterday from the hatchery I use in Texas that has no real minimum orders. Most hatcheries want you to order at least 25 chicks or eight ducks and I just don't need that many. Really don't know why I ordered the ducks. Have had a few before and they always wonder out into the woods and get eaten by coyotes before the year is up. This time I ordered a pair. One male and one female so hopefully they will stay around the homestead instead of searching for a mate like the others who were not paired.

There is much I need to do before they arrive next week. Clean out the large tupperware container I raise the babes in, buy a new lamp reflector to keep them warm, find my waterer and feeder and buy more liter. Next week is supposed to be nice. Sunny and mid to upper 60's. Wonderful weather for their arrival.

The Ensete seeds are bursting forth so will be re-potting those soon for the spring sales. They are a lovely banana, though uneatable. Their tall leaves that reach for the sky with the red midrib and red coloring in the stalk (pseudonum) give a distinct tropical feel to any place they are grown.

I guess I best get to work so later gator!

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