Sunday, June 07, 2009


90 Expected today. Lot's of rain lately which is great for the plants but also great for the mosquito population as they use the tiniest bit of water to expand their numbers. UGH!

Db painted the cast iron swingset last night after work and today he and Chad will put the shiny silver chains on. It hasn't been painted in ten years and the chains were rusted through. Glad it will now be all fixed up safe and pretty once again.

We have a new pup! His name is "Cujo" and Chad found him running around along the busy highway we live on. We took him to the vet last week and he is about 7-9 weeks old and a Chocolate Lab. I love his face! He has this sad look all the time even though he is quite happy here. It is just the breed. They have a serious look to them.

Cujo's paws are huge so I can just imagine how big a dog he will turn out to be. He has an outrageous appetite!

Well, time to go do some gardening so all for now.

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