Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Square Foot Gardening

I am a huge fan of Square Foot Gardening. It just makes so much sense and is lovely to look at, too!

When Mel Bartholomew first came out with his first printing of this book way back when he had me hooked from the start. He also had a show on Square Foot Gardening on PBS if memory serves. Wish I could get copies of those tapes!

In this day and age when being frugal with all of our resources is more important than ever, his system just makes perfect sense. It saves time, labor, water, and does not have to take any fossil fuels in order to re-till it every year. If you combine Mel's theories with the theories in the Lasagna Gardening book, you have a perfect combination for any and all gardeners. It doesn't matter if you are into doing it with the squares as he suggests or if you garden in containers. It's all the same and it will all work together very well.

I highly suggest picking up a copy of both these books. I can guarantee that you will reach for them time and time again in your gardening daze ahead. Want it now? Just click on the link below and it will take you right to the book section. Be sure and let me know how you enjoyed these books by placing a comment on my blog...later gator!


Kendra said...

My grandma just sent me the newest edition of this book and I LOVE it! I think it will help me to not become overwhelmed as I start my new garden.

bamboochik said...

Great! I'm thrilled to hear this and kudo's to your grandma for being so wise and thoughtful. His newest book using the raised beds is my very favorite way to use this wonderful form of intensive gardening. God bless!