Monday, March 09, 2009

Pond Almighty!

It was a beautiful Sunday and Db and I spent the morning and part of the afternoon working outside getting ready for the summer season.
Ornamental grasses were cut down to the ground, swing set was taken down so new chains could be purchased this week, old shutters out of an antebellum home that were sitting out front for a couple weeks were moved into one of the sheds. Exhausting but invigorating day!
Around 3:00 a load of Chad's friends drove in from town for an afternoon of fishing and relaxing. The young men were kind enough to see that our cement table top was on the ground and the umbrella in the woods where a tornado last summer touched down. Way too heavy for us to move without a lot of strong arms.
My big truck tires are filled with compost and should be ready to plant herbs in a few weeks now that the heat is here. I have strawberries in one, potatoes in another, and the other three will be planted with culinary herbs for my recipes.
I hope your Sunday was just as nice! Later gator!

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