Saturday, November 10, 2012


It's that time of year when I plant Pansies to get us through the boring days of winter. Having  a short winter is nice, but still...winter is winter.

Since I need to stay away from germs this time of year, Db went to Lowes and bought me three flats of mixed colors for all the pots and hanging baskets I need to replace. From late spring to this time of year I grow Impatiens in those pots and baskets. We haven't had a frost yet so they are still blooming but are straggly looking from being so rootbound. You can see how they looked in earlier posts after I had them planted up in spring.

Yesterday I planted up ten containers but I have at least another ten to do today. I always re-use most of the potting soil by taking a bulb planter and cutting out three holes in the rootbound potting soil. I then take a sharp knife and slice through all the roots left to help in the decompostiton. This saves me a lot of expensive potting soil which I buy in 50# bags from our local feed and seed store.

After the pansies are planted I water them well with lukewarm water with Bach Rescue Remedy added to help them recover from the shock. I always gently rip the roots apart before I plant them as well as remove all flowers and buds so that they will immediately start to spread out into the potting soil. A bit new soil is added to the holes and all over the top.

A week after planting, I water them once a week with my "Magic Elixir" and they begin to take off like a rocke!. If the temps are going to fall into the twenties I will cover all of them with a small piece of frost blanet and take it off after the sun rises. 

These will grow on till mid April when I replace them with Impatiens once again. I used to switch off every year by using Wax Begonias which also do well down here all through the spring/summer, but I have found that the Impatiens give a much bigger "punch" for the money.

I will add some pictures later tonight or tomorrow after I have finished with the planting.

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