Saturday, November 07, 2009

A Beautiful Fall

October left much to be desired here in the deep south. A lot of rain and chilly temperatures were not the norm for this time of year, but now that we are into November it is more like our October should have been.

Temps are in the mid to upper 70's with low humidity and sunny skies. It is a joy to be working out in the gardens now. I am looking for shrub and tree cuttings now to start over the winter. I am going to make a willow hedge across the driveway to block out some neighbors who seem to be golfers and like to hit their balls into our driveway area. It is obvious that they have hit our vehicles at times. I have been saving up the balls and have a bagful so I will put them in their mailbox with a "sweet" note asking them to please cease and desist from this least aimed at our property.

I bought the turkey for Thanksgiving. They had a good sale on a few weeks ago and I couldn't pass it up. I know they will go up as the date gets closer. Now I have to show Db some of the desserts I have planned to see which one's he would like. (such terrible English usage I have!)

Not much new so will end this here.

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