Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cooler Sunday

This has been a crazy gardening year. Drought-y summer with high heat and humidity half into October until yesterday when the pattern finally broke.

Our usually dry October has been anything but! Rain, rain, and more rain, but at least it filled the pond back up and our friends who are fishermen are anxious to get back to our pond and catch "the one that got away". :-)

Most of the vegetables did not do well this year due to the strange weather. My hot peppers which usually do great only gave me a few peppers and the tomatoes were awful. Gourds I had planted at the base of trees as is my practice did nothing all summer but are now late to make anything.

Everyone around the Eastern part of the country has been complaining about how badly their gardens did this year. I guess it is just an "off" year like happens sometimes.

Today we just worked outside cleaning up and doing some trimming around the pond. I had made some pizza dough earlier in the morning so I came in around 2:00, took a nap and then got up and made pizza's. They were very good. I make mine in my cast iron pans and it seems to give them more of a brick oven taste and texture than using pizza pans. I do have a pizza stone, but I always forget to drag it out and the cast iron pans are always in easy reach.

Tonight is supposed to get down to 37 in town so I think we may get our first frost out here since we are usually about five degrees cooler. I really hope not. The later the frosts come the shorter winter seems. Fingers are crossed for Jack Frost to postpone his annual visit.

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