Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Fall Is On the Horizon

This has been the strangest summer I have experienced in many a decade here in southern Alabama. Where was the non-stop heat and humidity? I have no idea, but the insects were ravenous!

My Willow trees were decimated by mealy bugs, the Catalpa trees skellitonized by Catawba worms, and the tomatoes and peppers just sat there doing not much of anything.

I am starting over now that fall is on the horizon with my fall/winter plantings of all different lettuces, spinach, carrots, cabbage, turnips, mustard, collards and any other green that happens to catch my eye while going through my seed drawers.

So far I have quite a few planters going as well as big semi-tires that I have been using as composters all spring and summer and stb fall...the lettuces and spinach are popping up like gangbusters, though they slow down in growth on hot days like today where the temps hit the low 90's. Greens do not like high temps. PERIOD! I might should have waited but I got antsy for something to plant and I have them in the shade of one of my bamboo groves so they are not too unhappy.

I started writing a book awhile back so some of my time has been spent working on that in the evenings. All I will say about it is it is called: The Little Pink Trailer and is about an older lady who moves to Florida and gets heavy into the Permaculture movement with a little love on the side. Nuff said!

I will try and post more often now that it is cooling off for the season. I do so look forward to fall and winter after our long, hot,and humid summers. God bless!

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