Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Micro Eco-Farming

I recently purchased the book, Micro Eco-Farming by Barbara Berst Adams. So far I have read it from cover to cover three times. Why, you ask? I guess because it describes my own life. Making a living from my own place by doing what I do best. Soon, my dh will join me here to do what he does best.

Micro Eco-Farming is sustainablly living on your own property, no matter how small, and managing to make a living for yourself and or your family. It is being done all over the country and world but is just now becoming noticed. It is not for everyone, but those who are not afraid of hard work and do not want to have a boss hanging over their shoulder 8-10 hours a day, it is a dream job!

Those who read my posts on a regular basis know that I grow rare plants for plant collectors and bonsai enthusiasts. I also make garden art under the pseudonym, 'Lenora', sell my home baked cookies and other delectable, in a tiny gift/tea cottage next to my greenhouse and love to talk "dirt". I also sell a wonderful plant elixir that I developed myself over the past 40 years that will provoke miracles in sickly plants or new cuttings.

My dh is an auto body shop owner and has built a 30' X 50' shop next to my greenhouse and cottage that resembles a red barn. He is moving here shortly to semi-retire at stb 65 in August. To retire completely is in neither of our vocabularies.

I am not going to give anything away on the above mentioned book, but I highly recommend you read it if you are wanting to "live the good life". You won't be sorry. It will give you the encouragement and ideas you need to step out of the mainstream and step into another realm. Small, interesting, and inexpensive so give it a read.

*I have no connection with the author and am receiving no renumerations for mentioning her book here.

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