Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Garden Junk Art

This is a pic of 'The Bomb' that Db has been working on for months and is finally placed in the antique WW2 bomb carrier that was given to him from one of his long time customers.

Db has decided to make this a memorial to my father, a WW2 vet with many honors as well as all the other WW2 vets that served. It sits in a jungle of five different species of bamboo and is being allowed to grow up and through the piece.

We have finally found a special marker in white for writing on this art piece and will send another pic when it is complete.

I hope that others will take a lesson from this and use their own imaginations to produce other art pieces for the other wars this country has been involved with. We need to honor all the soldiers who fight for this country as well as other countries freedoms. Use your imagination and run with it. Db did.

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