Sunday, June 04, 2006

Where Am I ???

Sunday: I went out at 6AM to feed the barnyard fowl and found a nip in the air. So unusual for south Alabama in June. I am not going to complain as the 90's are hard to take and these 80's since the storms pushed through has been very nice. It's just not normal for we here in the deep south.

I won some Agave on Ebay from a seller in Florida that I have been wanting to try. Agave Americana or The Century Plant as it is also known. I've never tried growing it here but since I seem to grow other succulents and cactus with no problem when I place them in an amended bed, I am sure it will be a success. There is a house about a mile from here with a huge Agave Americana in their front yard and it is quite impressive. You can't stop but crane your neck to look at it when you pass by. Thank God I don't drive anymore!

I always love adding to the jungle. It changes from season to season and year to year and I think that is what a good garden should do. Some plants will fair well and others you know just aren't meant to be in your situation. You keep what you can and say goodbye to the others, who have usually passed away by then.

Since today is Sunday, it will be spent gardening by Db and I and the day is a wasting at 8 AM so....Later gator!

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